Cultural Kayaking

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After a short tour of Nampan village you will start your adventure by paddling through the tiny canals and tributaries.
Many of the locals in the back channels aren’t yet accustomed to seeing foreigners, let alone neon-colored modern kayaks, so remember to be kind with a smile and a wave as you drift along.
You will exit the canals of Nampan and reenter the main part of Inle Lake toward the village of Mine Pyo. Paddle alongside the traditional one-leg rowing fisherman and marvel at their balance and focus. While balancing on one foot, the fisherman wraps an oar around his other foot to steer while casting a net with his free hands. This traditional fishing technique has been taught and practiced through generations and requires years of practice to master.
At Mine Pyo, you will stop at a local Inthar house for traditional Shan tea and some local snacks. Enjoy local soy products like crackers and fried tofu as well as locally made Shan ‘doughnuts.’ Take a moment to take in the view before finishing the final leg and paddling to Se Sone village.
Finish up the day at another local Inthar home in Se Sone village. There will be tea, snacks, and a local longtail boat waiting to transfer you back.

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