Mandalay After Dark

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Around 5pm the evening’s escapades begin with pick up from the hotel. Each person will have a private motorbike with an experienced driver (helmets are mandatory).

Speed off into the cool and starry night. The first ride takes in a colorful vegetable market located at 41st Strand road. Afterwards, we’ll make a pit stop at Super 81 to try Mandalay’s best crispy duck with a choice of beer, water or soft drink.

If the time of year is right we’ll visit one of Mandalay’s local street festivals. Neighbourhoods come together to celebrate with street food, local games, and the occasional tattoo shop. Some of the larger festivals have singing contests.

After another ride around Mandalay’s dazzling streets, stop at Chinatown, located between 73rd street between 34thand 35th. This lively neighborhood serves the city’s best street food. Dozens of vendors set up satay, noodle and other snack stalls in the evening. Mingle with the locals whilst enjoying a few snacks and tasting a cold local brew.

Next cruise out to see the comedy styling of local legends, the Mustache Brothers. After telling politically sensitive jokes about the Burmese generals in 1996, two of the three brothers were imprisoned for 7 years. Upon release in 2002, the government banned the brothers from performing in front of Myanmar citizens. Working out of the brother’s private homes and adapting their act into English, they began doing the show for foreign visitors. Along with the political satire, there are plenty of other jokes, some a little dirty, and traditional dance demonstrations. Our last stop will be one of the city’s beer stations with unplugged music where plenty of beer and snacks are available…dancing is free!

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